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6040 ball 800W water cooling

6040 ball 800W water cooling

  (in low, carving, engraving machine design uses: mainly used in PVC, acrylic, organic glass, double color plate, engineering plastic, bakelite, wood and soft metal engraving and milling of graphite electrode machining, but also suitable for PCB circuit board, wood mold, crafts, in not exceeding the limit specifications of plastic box, aluminum alloy chassis, panel opening Xidong can feed rate of aluminum alloy, copper and other metal materials for three-dimensional carving and drilling and milling processing; also can take it as a simple 3D NC working table to use, such as CNC dispensing, control of the positioning, metal nameplate marking applications.
  CNC6040 main parameters:
  [mechanical part]
  Dimensions: 900 x 690 x 520mm (length x width x height)
  Working table size: 840 * 480 * 20MM (length x width x)
  Frame materials: the whole machine is 6061 aluminum profile processing
  Effective stroke: X axis Y 600mm axis Z 400mm axis 60mm
  Maximum workpiece thickness: less than 80mm (Z axis and bottom table spacing)
  Slide unit: X axis Y axis 20 axis Phi Phi 16 Phi 13 axis Z axis guide rail support
  Transmission unit: three new ball screw with 1605 axis:
  Electronic parts
  Step motor: new type 57 2.8A two phase stepping motor (with hand wheel)
  Maximum running speed: 1500mm/ minutes
  Engraving speed: 50 - 1500mm/ minutes
  Repeat positioning accuracy: less than 0.03mm
  Standard: the new 800W high speed spindle spindle chuck, ER11, 3.175mm and 6mm with a sandwich
  Speed: 24000 - 0 rpm
  Cooling method: water cooling (need to be equipped with micro pump)
  Frequency converter: AC220V, 1.5KW, 0, 400Hz (control box)
  Stepper motor drive: 0 - 3.5A adjustable three axis drive (TB6560AHQ chip, 24V power supply) 2, 4, 8, 16 subdivision can be set, the factory is 8 subdivision
  Step drive power supply: AC110V - 220V, 240W, output DC24V10A
  Other accessories: ER11 remove the wrench two, engraving tool 5, M6T type nut 4
  Input voltage: AC220V (AC110V)
  Machine weight: 46Kg
  Full weight: 62Kg (including packaging)
  Reminder: 1) in order to repay the old and new customers, take the machine sent a micro pump
  2) can be compatible with a variety of Mach3/TYPE3/ArtCAM/ CAD/CAM design and production software
  3) instruction format: G code (tap, NC, NCC, text)
  4) the user needs to self with a parallel computer
  Set includes: engraving machine, one Taiwan, supporting the electric box a, box of tools a contains (5 tool, sandwich a, T type screw 2, T type nut two plate two wrench 2), parallel data cable, power cord a root. Users only need to bring their own computer. Complete sets of Qi, hand that is used.
  (carved aluminum):
  (organic glass):
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